Our Unique Approach to Treating Eating Disorders


Connection | Acceptance | Mindfulness | Sense of Self | Action

Our evidence-based treatment model is recognized as the most reliable and effective method of empowering individuals to overcome eating disorders. If you're struggling with an eating disorder, you're all too familiar with the feelings of depression, helplessness and loss of control you experience each day. Your disorder is taking over your whole life, robbing you of choices and preventing you from living life to the fullest. You long for the days before you began to experience this, when you felt like yourself and were able to connect with family and friends without worry or fear.

Eating disorders affect millions of people across the country, so know that you are not alone. You also don't have to live like this anymore. There are programs available to you at the Eating Disorder Centers of Denver, Kansas City and Colorado Springs.

Treatment for Eating Disorders

The treatment for eating disorders involves a multi-faceted approach designed to help you change your relationship with food and figure out the root of your disorder while identifying and managing your triggers. EDC Denver uses a variety of methods to help you gain control over your life, taking control away from the disorder you've struggled with. By helping you enact permanent changes in your eating habits, EDC can start you on a path toward long-lasting recovery.


Eating Disorder Treatment at EDC

At our therapy centers in Denver, Kansas City and Colorado Springs, we have highly-qualified, experienced clinicians and support staff that offer a wealth of eating disorder treatment options, such as group and individual therapies, medical and psychiatric evaluations and nutritional classes. We also offer much more, including expressive therapies, like art and movement therapy.

CAMSA, our unique, proven, highly personalized and combined approach allows you to regain your health through Connection, Acceptance, Mindfulness, a Sense of Self, and Action - all the foundations of true empowerment. Along with EDC's care and counseling, you'll receive a recovery plan that is designed to be the most effective for you, and you will have our support throughout your journey.

Our therapy centers in Denver, Kansas City and Colorado Springs are constantly working to adapt treatment approaches. So with recovery in mind, our patients receive the highest-quality and most-focused care. To get started, call (866) 771-0861, or click here for additional contact information.

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