Admissions Process

Our expansive assessment process can help guide you which treatment option(s) is best for you, to begin your journey of away from your eating disorder. 

A compassionate and discreet staff member will speak with you, and help you set up your assessment, answering any immediate questions you may have regarding EDC. Our team can also answer any initial questions regarding insurance coverage and paying for services.

Next, if you’re local, you’ll come to our office in Denver, Kansas City or Colorado Springs for your assessment. If you live outside of the area of one of our centers, we’ll complete your assessment over the phone. During the assessment with a clinician, individuals can discuss eating issues as well as any other contributing factors. This will help our team determine treatment options that will be best for your needs and comfort level. You may meet with a benefits counselor to figure out what your insurance will cover.

After an assessment and prior to admission, our admissions coordinators will work with each person to schedule appointments with an individual therapist, family therapist, dietitian, psychiatrist and other providers that were recommended as part of the overall treatment plan.

Cost of Care and Insurance: We are committed to the most cost-effective treatment possible so you can afford a healthy life. We accept over 35 insurance plans, including some state-funded programs. We can negotiate single case agreements with almost any insurance provider and can arrange sliding fee payments based on financial necessity. We are your advocates for good health and can work with your insurance company to obtain coverage. We will also work with out-of-network insurance companies to facilitate special coverage agreements. Our Connections House is based on a sliding scale fee, as well, to make our housing options available to all patients.

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