Eating Disorder Help

Is your food relationship the dominant force in your life? Do you feel ashamed, stressed out, and overwhelmed with guilt and worry over your loss of control and your relationships with other people in your life?

You don't have to struggle on your own if you need eating disorder help, you're certainly not alone. Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorders and bulimia nervosa, affect millions of women and men across the United States. These disorders can have a tremendous impact on physical and mental health, and life overall. An eating disorder can actually take over a person's entire world, robbing chances of living life to its fullest.

At EDC Denver, we have the proven tools and programs you need to recover from your condition and regain control over your life. During treatment, you'll learn how to break out of the cage your eating disorder has put you in and finally be able to experience a freedom of choice you didn't have before.

Help with Eating Disorders

At EDC Denver, we have Masters and Doctoral-level clinicians who will use our proven treatment methodology to get you on the path to recovery. Our methodology is rooted in your empowerment, so our staff will help you change your behavior and relationship with food. This patient-centered approach allows you to make the type of long-lasting modifications that will keep you in recovery over the long term.

If you've been thinking about getting help for an eating disorder, don't hesitate. The sooner you make the commitment toward recovery, the quicker you'll be able to live your life the way you want to, free of the worry and shame you felt over your relationship with food. We'll also help you get to the root causes of your eating disorder and identify triggers that exacerbate them, as well as provide coping tools to manage them.

Eating Disorders Help for Families and Friends

Here at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver, we understand and recognize that families are not the cause of an eating disorder, but we know that the existence of one can impact the entire family. That's why we involve family and friends in the recovery process so that you have the support you need while you're getting better. We offer individual family sessions, group therapy that includes family and friends and outpatient therapy for family members when needed.

Do you have a loved one who you believe needs help with eating disorders? You can't know how to help until you have also had a chance to be educated and supported. Please look at our resources and contact us with any questions you have about how we can be helpful, even if your loved one is not ready to receive help.