At EDC Denver and Colorado Springs, we have an Evening Intensive Outpatient Program (EIOP) for patients who are diagnosed with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or other disorders, and require more than outpatient therapy to treat their disorder. This is a 'transitional' level, with therapy four nights a week, Monday through Thursday, (including meals) for 4½ hours an evening. Patients are encouraged to continue real-life responsibilities, including school and work, while also applying skills from treatment to everyday life challenges, such as grocery shopping, clothes shopping and meal preparation.

The program empowers patients to disrupt old patterns of behaviors, tackle fears, take on new challenges and integrate lasting, positive changes into their everyday lives. EDC's Evening Intensive Outpatient Program offers a total mind-body recovery. 

For more information on EIOP and to determine if you meet the criteria for admission, contact an admissions assessment clinician at

Denver, CO - 866.771.0861 : Colorado Springs, CO - 719.578.5132

Evening Intensive Out-Patient Program (Bridge EIOP) - "Admission Day - What to Expect"

On your first day of EIOP, the typical process will include:

  • Complete paperwork and patient assessments
  • Meet with a patient account supervisor to discuss insurance benefits and/or your financial payment plan
  • Meet with admissions staff for orientation to the EIOP schedule and guidelines
  • Meet with your primary therapist and schedule weekly individual sessions
  • Meet with your dietitian, who will assess and develop your nutritional meal plan
  • Meet with an attending psychiatrist, who will conduct an initial assessment to help develop your individualized and focused treatment plan