You are a Valuable Part of Your Loved One's Healing Process

Often, family members and friends can recognize the severity of an eating disorder before the person who is struggling does. Family members and friends can help their loved one identify signs and symptoms, and provide support through treatment and recovery. It is not easy, but in the end your loved one will be grateful that you helped fight for their recovery.

One of our Admissions Clinicians can support you in your concern for your loved one and help you identify an appropriate level of care. Please refer to the article below, and know that you can call us with questions.

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We recognize eating disorders impact the entire family, and we individualize the family treatment plan to help you heal together.

Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating often thrive in isolation and loneliness. With the support of your treatment team, you can create an environment of support, connection and openness that can surround you during your time in the program, through your transition back home.

At all of our eating disorder treatment centers, we provide individual family therapy sessions and multi-family groups to ensure you have a strong support system at your side.

We see the value of friends and family in the healing process, and we can help define your role in the treatment process.

Family members and friends can join you in your journey to recovery, and remind you that you are loved and supported – and deserve to live life without an eating disorder. They often see your true spirit, your authentic self, and they can help you define that for yourself. Friends and family are integral in the recovery process and life-long health.

We want to be sure the process of recovery is an inclusive one. It’s essential that we educate and inform everyone in your life; we’ll prepare them to act as your sounding board and support team.

Our eating disorder treatment centers provide several opportunities to educate and involve friends and family in your therapy process. Such opportunities include:

  • Group Therapy: Family and friends are encouraged to attend Multi-family group sessions to learn and to address the family-related issues associated with eating disorders.
  • Family Therapy: Family and friends are invited to attend individual family therapy sessions where you can work together to heal the past and create a recovery environment for your loved one.