Where I’ve been, isn’t where I’m going
Who I’ve been, isn’t who I have to be
No longer will I disguise inner turmoil,
Nor will I invalidate the challenges I have experienced.

Today, I can face difficult things with an open heart,
And conquer them with my own sense of self-worth
And the help of those around me.

I promise to love ME as much as I have loved others.

Today, my authentic self is my ONLY self!

*- Katie, Former Patient

Individualized Treatment by a Collaborative Team.

Our experienced, compassionate professionals use their expertise to collaborate on the best treatment plan for you. Eating disorders are often associated with other health concerns, such as depression, anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. We specialize in the treatment of these co-diagnoses and focus on you as a whole person. Throughout your recovery, your treatment team works together to ensure we meet your individual needs with treatment methods such as psychotherapy, nutrition education, medication management, body awareness, and group counseling. Collectively, we provide the highest quality of care possible for each patient. Beating an eating disorder isn't easy. At Eating Disorder Center of Denver, we are dedicated to supporting a path to recovery every step of the way. Click on the links below to learn more about our team.

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