Eating Disorder Center of Denver Offers 10-Week Treatment Program for BED

Denver, Colorado (April 17, 2012) —About 8 million men and women suffer from Binge Eating
Disorder (BED), which is nearly three times the amount of those affected by Anorexia and Bulimia.With as many men affected by BED as women, The Eating Disorder Center of Denver (EDCD) aims to offer a Binge Eating treatment program that is accommodating and effective for both genders.

A newly recognized condition, those suffering from BED eat more than normal meal portions, feel a
loss of control when eating and do not purge after binging.

Men are traditionally underrepresented in clinical trials for BED that gauge the effectiveness of
treatments and are often overlooked when developing treatment programs, according to Dr. Tamara
Pryor, EDCD clinical director.

“Many people are unaware of BED and would not be able to pinpoint the symptoms especially
among men,” said Dr. Pryor. “BED is a serious condition and we hope to raise awareness about the
prevalence among men to encourage more successful treatment and support of our male patients.”

The EDCD offers a 10-week treatment program for BED, which consists of a specific psychological
therapy along with other services that recognize the need for lifestyle changes in order achieve full

About Eating Disorder Center of Denver

Established in 2001, Eating Disorder Center of Denver (EDCD) is one of the nation's foremost
centers for the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of eating disorders. EDCD is committed to
empowering individuals 18 years of age and older suffering with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating
and related disorders to help them achieve and sustain recovery. A multidisciplinary team of board-
certified psychiatrists, physicians, clinicians, family therapists and registered dietitians work
together to create a specialized, evidence-based treatment plan for each patient. For additional
information about EDCD, check out our website,, visit us on Facebook, and/or
follow us on Twitter (@EDCDenver).


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