At Eating Disorder Center of Denver, we treat the "whole" person with individualized eating disorder treatment options

We know that the search for eating disorder treatment options can be overwhelming, and that one of the most difficult steps toward recovery is your first phone call to us. Once you take that first step to contact us, we’ll walk you through every step of the eating disorder assessment and treatment process. From the moment you reach out, you won’t be alone anymore. 

Whether facing bulimia, anorexia, binge eating disorder or a unique, individualized case, starting treatment with professionals who concentrate in eating disorders is vital to a successful long-term recovery. Don’t wait any longer to take that first step – call us today at 866-771-0861.

We empower our patients to bring about their own changes and celebrate individual successes

Eating Disorder Center of Denver's integrated approach for diagnosing and treating eating disorders follows the evidence-based biological-psychological-social-spiritual model focusing on assisting a patient to heal from the inside out. We will learn about all aspects of you in order to assist you to identify what defines you outside of their eating disorder. This includes your needs, desires, wants, and other individualized considerations to help determine the best treatment options for you. 

As part of our assessment and treatment process, we strive to complete the following:

  • identify the factors that drive each individual's eating disorder
  • Introducing positive behavioral changes and incorporating those changes into everyday life. 
  • Stress individual empowerment as well as increased personal awareness and wellbeing
  • And most importantly, Empower our patients to bring about their own changes and celebrate individual successes.

Our Mindfulness-Based Eating Disorder Treatment Model

We compliment the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model with our own unique approach we call CAMSA™.  This mindfulness-based treatment model guides individuals through recovery and beyond, to help support a healthy transition after treatment CAMSA™ stands for:

  • Connection
  • Acceptance 
  • Mindfulness
  • Sense of Self
  • Action

Our patients increase their personal awareness, wellbeing and health, and leave with a "toolkit" full of knowledge and skills to sustain long-term recovery.

To schedule an assessment, or to get more information, Contact Us or call us now at 866-771-0861 and we can start this simple process together.