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We know that making the first phone call to us is one of the most difficult steps toward eating disorder recovery. We also know that once you make that first phone call, that you’ll start to feel empowered with a group of mentors and supporters by your side every step of the way. After you reach out, our caring and compassionate staff will help you set up your assessment, assist you with any questions regarding insurance coverage and payment options, and make sure that all your questions are answered. We want to make sure that you’re ready and that you feel comfortable taking this journey with us.

We can provide the treatment and care needed to heal your whole self, not just your disorder. 

Call us today or fill out a request form, and set up a free consultation.


The more you know, the better you are.

You can never know too much about how to overcome an eating disorder. Eating Disorder Center of Denver has made several resources available in order to educate patients, families and the general public on how to battle anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and all other eating disorders.

Scientific Advisory Board
Eating Disorder Center of Denver established the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) in 2009 to advise the center on the integration of clinical research into clinical practice, best industry practices and professional education. The SAB's efforts ensure that we are providing the best and most advanced care possible to our patients.

Speaker's Bureau
Our eating disorder expertise also goes on the road. Speakers include Eating Disorder Center of Denver's board-certified psychiatrists, clinical and program directors, primary, family and outpatient therapists, and registered dietitians.
Topics include:

  • Are Eating Disorders Addictions?
  • Cultural Body Image
  • Desperate Housewives Syndrome:  Mid-life Women and Eating Disorders
  • Eating Disorders 101
  • Eating Disorders and Athletes
  • Eating Disorders and Dental Complications
  • Families Don't Cause Eating Disorders:  Family Systems and Eating Disorders
  • How Did We Get to a Size 0?
  • Let's Talk About Sex:  Eating Disorders and Sexuality
  • Mindful Eating

Contact us for a complete list of topics and to schedule a presentation.

Reference Sheets

Do I Have An Eating Disorder? Do I Have An Eating Disorder? (73 KB)

I Think My Loved One Has An Eating Disorder I Think My Loved One Has An Eating Disorder (84 KB)

Treatment Myths Treatment Myths (93 KB)

Do's & Don'ts of Eating Disorders Do's & Don'ts of Eating Disorders (71 KB)

Recommended Reading List Recommended Reading List (137 KB)

Helpful Online Resources:
Something Fishy
Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
National Eating Disorder Association 
Weight Discrimination Resource
Binge Eating Disorder Association 
Health at Every Size 

Local Resources:
Eating Disorder Foundation of the Rockies 
Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)
The Children’s Hospital
Mirror Image
Boulder Youth Body Alliance

Outpatient Support Group Outpatient Support Group (66 KB)

National Resources:
Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)
Academy of Eating Disorders 
International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Gurze Books 

Information for those with Limited Resources or No Insurance:
Columbia University has a program with has free treatment for those who qualify for and agree to participate in their research.

Cover Colorado which often offers insurance policies at a slightly more affordable rate, if you qualify.

The Clark Loan is a behavioral health loan available to assist people in paying for mental health treatment.

Social Security Disability Resource Center

Family Resources:
Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders 
Friends and Family Support Groups (EDCD, EDF, La Luna)
Parent, Family & Friend Network

Giving Library - National Eating Disorder Association


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Additional Resources
EDC-D Professional Resources - Links to the professional section of our site with more on consulting, paper presentations, dual diagnoses and events. - Web site dedicated to raising awareness and providing information on eating disorders. It includes definitions, signs and symptoms, getting help, relapse warning signs, approaching a loved one and more.
The Center for Healthy Living's Eating Disorder Resource Guide  - A complete source for learning about anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating and the many treatment centers available for help. - A mental health disorders portal that addresses a variety of disorders, including eating disorders, depressive disorders, impulse control disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, bipolar disorders and many more. - A counseling center for women and youth. It is dedicated to empowering individuals to see beyond their reflections through counseling, outreach and education, and connection to services.

Eating Disorder Recovery - An information source that provides eating disorder recovery articles, a discussion forum, DSM-V-TR descriptions, support group information, access to in-patient/residential treatment centers, a self-help workbook and more.

Eating Disorder Answers - A Web site developed by a woman in recovery from an eating disorder. When she was first diagnosed, she couldn't find one single Web site that had all of the answers. Viewers of the site are encouraged to share their stories.

Eating Disorder Hope - A Web site that offers hope, information and resources to those suffering from eating disorders, treatment providers and loved ones. Services include information, support groups, articles, a virtual library, books, treatment providers and events for individuals struggling with bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorders.

National Eating Disorders Association - A national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, resources and support to those affected by eating disorders.