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With your help, we change lives.

Internists, family practitioners, therapists, dentists and other healthcare providers often notice signs of an eating disorder before a patient ever seeks treatment. To help those professionals identify the best course of action when presented with an eating disordered patient, Eating Disorder Center of Denver provides multiple services, including direct consultation (EDC-D Direct), speakers' bureaus, and referral materials and guidelines.

A center of excellence, Eating Disorder Center of Denver provides a unique approach to the treatment of women and men, 18 years of age and older, suffering from an eating disorder.

We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the full range of eating disorders, including:


We also provide a variety of treatment options based on each patients' clinical needs, including:

Support Group Schedule Support Group Schedule (220 KB)


At Eating Disorder Center of Denver we know that the causes of an eating disorder are complex. Our team of therapists is exceptionally well qualified to identify and treat eating disorders and the dual-diagnoses that often accompany them. Our objective is to empower our patients to regain and lead active and healthy lives.

Eating Disorder Center of Denver accepts insurance and can arrange sliding fee payments based on financial necessity. We will also work with patients' insurance companies to obtain coverage and will work with out-of-network insurance companies to facilitate special coverage agreements.

Eating Disorder Center of Denver is a participating provider with most major insurance companies. We work with the patient's insurance company to obtain coverage, which includes working with insurance companies that are out-of-network. For out-of-network insurance companies, we can obtain special coverage agreements that will pay for the majority, and in some cases all, of the services provided at Eating Disorder Center of Denver.

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EDC-D Direct

Managing a patient with an eating disorder is very difficult, even for the most skilled clinician. The staff at Eating Disorder Center of Denver is committed to assisting you in any way possible. We are prepared to consult with you on any patient aspect, and our psychiatrists, therapists and registered dietitians are readily available to address the management of your patient.

If you have any inquiry regarding eating disorders or would like to discuss a patient, EDC-D Direct expedites communication between professionals/healthcare providers and Eating Disorder Center of Denver clinicians. Call EDC-D Direct at:

      866.771.0861 ( toll free )

Eating Disorder Center of Denver clinicians, including board-certified psychiatrists, program and clinical directors, primary therapists and registered dietitians, will respond to your inquiry.