Help your patient receive the treatment they deserve.

In our experience, individuals are more likely to seek and be positive about treatment when their referring therapist provides them with information about the treatment facility to which they are being referred. To facilitate this process, the therapist can contact one of our assessment clinicians and obtain information on our levels of care. At this time, the therapist can also provide our clinician with patient history and past treatment information.

Once our assessment clinicians have the necessary information, they will contact the patient to start the admissions process. This includes conducting an assessment, discussing the appropriate level of treatment, and keeping the referring therapist informed of the patient's status. Patients are usually admitted within one to three days after their assessment has been completed.

Once a patient is in treatment at Eating Disorder Center of Denver, their primary therapist confers and collaborates on a weekly basis with the patient's referring therapist. In addition, our clinicians work with referring therapists to develop an aftercare program to facilitate their patient's transition to his/her home environment.

To refer a patient to Eating Disorder Center of Denver, please contact our admissions department at (303) 771-0861 or toll free at (866) 771-0861.