Where I’ve been, isn’t where I’m going
Who I’ve been, isn’t who I have to be
No longer will I disguise inner turmoil,
Nor will I invalidate the challenges I have experienced.

Today, I can face difficult things with an open heart,
And conquer them with my own sense of self-worth
And the help of those around me.

I promise to love ME as much as I have loved others.

Today, my authentic self is my ONLY self!

*- Katie, Former Patient

Christina Bokenkamp Hruby, MA, LPC

As a clinician, Christina believes that it is important to help an individual develop a greater sense of acceptance regarding their life experience and to provide the space that allows them to “move forward.” She also believes that in order to live a truly fulfilling life, one has to be willing to take risks and practice new behaviors. Christina has over ten years of experience working with children/adolescents, adults and families in outpatient clinical settings. She has worked with a variety of psychiatric illnesses, including eating disorders, depression, chemical addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder. Christina has a keen interest for issues relating to women, such as sense of self, identity, eating disorders, relationships and family. Christina holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology and criminal justice from Michigan State University and a master’s in Clinical Psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor.