Substance Use Disorder Track

Many of our patients are challenged with both an Eating Disorder and Substance Use Disorder. At EDC Denver, we know how important it is to treat both diagnoses. This is why we offer a Substance Use Disorder track as part of our PHP and IOP levels of care.

Patients in the Substance Use Disorder Track attend a specialty group. The purpose of this group is to offer our patients a safe environment in which to discuss and explore their relationship with addictive substances and/or behaviors and provide support with the following:

  • Maintaining abstinence from substance use during the course of treatment. 
  • Exploring the role and function of substance use and its relationship to eating disorders 
  • Explore personal patterns of use and make choices about the role, if any, substances or other potentially addictive behaviors will play in eating disorder recovery. 
  • Further develop skills for effectively managing urges, stressors and enhancing health and well being
  • Creating a Recovery/Discovery Tree 
  • Identifying Relapse Triggers 
  • Creating Recovery Skills and Strategies
  • Developing a Recovery Plan