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"Recovery was NEVER a word in my vocabulary, because I never thought it was possible. I never thought I'd be able to live my life behavior free, or ever feel like I belonged or deserved anything. That all changed these past two years. Back in 2010, I was admitted to EDCD's PHP program. It was my first time in treatment, ever and like any new situation, I felt like I was the "new" fish in the big pond. It was very scary, yet I felt very hopeful. I was very shy, and cautious with who I interacted with and talked to.My first time there I was there for 5 months. I ended up back at EDCD 2 other times after that, and I'd have to say I found a lot of my strength from being in their program. So, maybe I went there more than once, but each time I learned something new, and found a new strength within me. I found each milieu staff to be wonderful beyond measures, and my team was amazingly helpful and believed in me. In 2011 I went to my last center, and again was able to learn and find new things about me and meet new people and staff. Values have become a huge part of my life and help me realize I have a life worth living. I have learned to take each day as it comes, and that my thoughts are just thoughts and it's me who chooses what I do with them. My treatment team now is at EDCD, and I have never been happier. I live in Vail, Colorado, and drive 2+ hours once a week to see my team. Both my therapist and psychiatrist are so genuine, caring, and some really amazing people. Without them and this experience and journey I would not be where I am today. Two years later, I am finally out of treatment, and have an amazing outlook on life.  I have been behavior free for 3 months, but that does not mean I still have my daily struggles and stumbles but it's them that make me stronger. There is still so much I have to work on, but each day the light shines a little bit brighter.  I would never go back and change anything from my past, because it has made me who I am today.  A very strong, loving, caring, growing, self-loving, mountain girl. Recovery is POSSIBLE. You get what you give. "Life's the climb, but the view is great." Miley Cyrus "Stumbles do not mean failure, stumbles happen on the path to success." -Ann Misel "

— Maddy


Hello Everyone !!! It has been 4 years this month since my admission to EDCD as an inpatient :). I was dying physically and mentally. I could not function or perform standard activities of daily living. I was having seizures almost weekly from malnutrition and electrolyte imbalances. Today I am sitting here with my 5 month old baby girl, married almost 5 years, and enjoying my amazing job as a nurse !!! I am healthy, happy, and sooooo blessed by every moment I spent in treatment. 

Full recovery is possible !!!! Do not give up hope. It takes time and effort to recover, but you have to choose life. I chose life !!!
Thank you EDCD !!!!!!


— Steph

"To my Treatment Team at EDCD, you all pushed me but treated me with kindness, concern and respect!  I will never forget these last 4 months.  
-Thank you  "

— Former PHP Patient


I have wanted to write you for a while, but my schedule has been wonderfully busy and I haven't been able to find the right time. Last nights 'slip' became my motivation to finally write this, in order to not only recognize how thankful I am to be in recovery, but how thankful I entrusted my life with the EDCD staff and am on the road to recovery.

It was not a bad slip, by any means, but I am now taking time to reflect on why I slipped and what I can do to recognize it and correct it. So much different than before! I have been doing considerably well with everything since I left treatment the last time. I have been eating new and different foods, keeping them down, taking my medications as directed, talking about problems when they arise, quit drinking, and feeling more secure in who I am as a person. I am not 100% perfect with behaviors, but I have been doing my best to stay on track and I can count on one hand the times I’ve had behaviors since treatment!!!!!!!!!

I am, as always, thankful for everything the staff at EDCD has done for me. I can wake up in the morning excited for the day, instead of being full of dread, fear, doubt, and shame. I can eat out, talk to new people, get things done, not live in fear of mealtimes, but now actually look forward to preparing them. I think the last 4 months have been the most productive months for me in the past 6 years. I cannot thank you enough for helping me through all of my baggage- I look back at how I behaved in treatment sometimes and cringe at how emotional I was- but I know that those feelings needed to come out in order for me to know they were there. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how thankful I am to be alive, healthy, and yes- very very happy. You all helped save my life and put me on track. I am blessed to be healthy and I now love my curves!


— Kesley

"When I walked into EDCD, I was thinking to myself that this was my last chance. I was morbidly obese, had severe health issues, and felt like nothing would ever help me. I had suffered from several different types of eating disorders in the past; however, doctors and others in my life attributed it to the fact that I had no self control. This was one of the first things that I learned during my stay…it is NOT about the FOOD! I was struggling with demons from the past that I had never dealt with before and that was what truly eating me up inside. With the help of those at EDCD, including my therapists, the nutritionists, and milieu, I learned that it is not about the numbers, but instead, how I FEEL inside that matters. It was extremely hard for me to get rid of the notion that what was read on the scale didn’t matter, however, in my case, it did. I was amazingly sick and on a lot of medications just so that my body did not give up on me. I was able to trend down in weight, but more importantly, I learned how to eat healthy, handle emotions and confrontations in a more productive manner, and learned that food was merely a tool to help keep me going. Once I learned these things, it was like I was set free.
I was at EDCD for approximately three months and in those three months, I experienced greater healing than I had in the past 25 years of outpatient, inpatient, group and individual therapies. Now, I have been released from EDCD for about three months and I and my therapist would agree that I keep growing. I am feeling confident about myself and my achievements for the first time in my life. I feel beautiful and alive! That is saying a lot! The staff at EDCD helped me to resuscitate my own life! Most importantly, since leaving EDCD I am now off approximately 15 medications. My diabetes has been reversed! I no longer have high blood pressure, osteopenia, high cholesterol, but most of all I feel healthier. I also gained something huge! I was disabled due to my health conditions for several years before walking through the doors of EDCD. Now, I am healthy enough both mentally and physically to work full time! I was not sure if that would ever happen.
I want to thank everyone at EDCD for encouraging me when I didn’t believe in myself. Sometimes, you scooped me off of the floor and stood me up again and I will never forget that. To this day, I still think of the staff cheering me on when I am facing difficult moments. Everyone at EDCD, helped me get my life back, one I never thought I had, and for that there are not enough words to thank you. You cannot put a price on happiness and loving yourself! "

— Laura


Here is the quick and direct version! If you are reading this don't waist another day in embarrassment, guilt, shame and pain. Make the first step in getting better and call the Eating Disorder Center of Denver. The longer version: I was on an Elevator of self destruction and every floor down was one more level of lifelessness. I suggest you to get off that elevator going down and get on one that goes up. A life is waiting for you and it keeps getting higher. Oh, don't get me wrong it will get stuck on a floor now and then. It may even take you down a level occasionally. The center will teach you how that Elevator works. What pulls it up, what takes it down and how to keep those cables in good repair. The metaphor is simple I am on an this Elevator that is my eating disorder. In my case it is Binge eating.

I have been in recovery since the first day of my treatment at EDCD on July, 11,2011. It was hard to accept that my best thinking got me to absolutely need treatment, and I had the turn my way of thinking over to the care of everyone at the center. They truly care and provide excellent care, knowledge, understanding, challenges and for me fun. I enjoyed it so much I didn't want to go, I asked them if I could be a professional guest. They broke the proverbial apron strings. "Apron strings," funny choice of words for a guy who couldn't stop eating. I would love to share my whole story, but what is most important is your own, get busy! Don't waist another day. Build knowledge, understanding, acceptance and structure, but most importantly build relationships with others with a common goal.

I will be on this path of continuing recovery, hope I see you there. Paul


— Paul

"Deciding to admit myself into the Eating Disorder Center of Denver was the most difficult decision of my life. However, after having time to gain perspective, I have come to realize that while it was difficult, it was the best decision of my life. This quickly went from the most difficult experience to the best experience largely impart to the staff at EDCD and me choosing to work hard.

At the time of entering the doors of EDCD, my eating disorder was controlling and consuming my life. My thought process was set and no one was going to change my mind or be able to help me out of this love hate relationship I had created with my eating disorder. I would be stuck forever. This would never end.

After a few weeks of putting up a fight in treatment, the staff continued to be patient, compassionate, accepting, genuine, and loving with me and towards me. Slowly, I began to open up and talk about things non food and exercise related. The staff gently guided me as I took steps each day to talk about my past, present, and future.

The more I opened up and discovered that my identity was not in my eating disorder, the easier it became to let my unhealthy behaviors go and begin to adapt new, positive, and healthy behaviors. At the time of discharge, I was ready to embrace a new chapter in my life and try to rely on talking and feeling emotions verses using the eating disorder as a way to deal with life.

I must say that life outside of the center was and sometimes is extremely challenging. Every day I am faced with the decision to live life to the fullest or revert to the eating disorder. Thankfully, because of the amazing staff at EDCD, they equipped me with the necessary skills to thrive in recovery. It isn’t always easy and sometimes I do fail. However, the beauty is that I have the freedom to hit restart and be new all over again. Grace is a wonderful gift the staff has given me and I have given myself.

As I continue to grow and become more familiar with who I am the voice of the eating disorder gets quieter and quieter. It may always be there and I can choose to listen to my heart and not the voice of destruction. This is all because of the staff at EDCD loving me where I was at, teaching me how to overcome the eating disorder, and still supporting me today. Thank you! "

— Mindy

"Thank You EDCD :) It has been 7 amazing years since I completed treatment. I entered treatment as a broken young lady and left with Hope ! In the last 7 years I have maintained a professional career as a nurse, became a mom, and am currently a Boston Qualifying maratgon runner. It's beyond miraculous that I run marathons when I was unable to walk a flight of stairs. I was so sick and now I am living. It has not been easy. Abandoning my ED has been a battle, but I am now confident that I no longer identify my self as a victem, but a victor ! It's not an overnight fix ! It's an equipped battle. I was given armor :) "

— Steph

"You all pushed me but treated me with kindness, concern and RESPECT!  I will never forget these last 4 months.  Good Health and happiness to you all! "

— Former PHP Patient