Eating Disorder Trauma Track

Many of our patients have also experienced significant trauma in their lives, and it is important for us to help them understand that trauma, see how it relates to their eating disorder and set them up for success in recovery. The purpose of the Trauma Track is to offer patients, who are in the right place mentally and with their eating disorder, a safe environment in which to learn about trauma and learn coping skills.

Patients in the trauma track attend the Trauma Group (held 1 time per/week). This group is meant to acknowledge that the trauma exists, talk about it generally, educate patients about how their trauma may be interacting with their eating disorders and teach coping and grounding methods. Education includes teaching patients about reenactment, and the ways in which patients may unintentionally recreate their past traumas. Patients don’t delve deeply into the details of traumas in group, but may do more in-depth trauma work with their primary therapists in their individual sessions. This group is also intended to help patients succeed in recovery, as they continue to work with their outpatient provider.